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In English

ECPAT Sverige (Sweden) was established as an NGO in 1996, and is a member of ECPAT International’s global network with representation in over 95 countries. ECPAT Sweden collaborates with other NGOs, authorities and part of the industry to fight commercial sexual exploitation of children.

What we do

We’re working to inform and motivate decision makers, authorities and companies that in their business do what they can to combat the demand for child sexual abuse. It involves strengthening the protection of children in the Swedish legislation, getting authorities to pay attention to children at risk, get travel companies to inform their passengers and employees on child sex tourism and getting banks to stop payments for child sexual abuse material online.

ECPAT is also working to inform and engage the general public on how they can take action against the child sex trade in their daily lives. For example to always report suspected child sexual abuse to ECPAT Hotline and to make active decisions as a consumer, to chooses the services of a company that takes responsibility in the fight against the child sex trade.

Our goals

Through our work we want to prevent and stop all forms of sexual exploitation of children: traveling offenders (child sex tourism), child sexual abuse material (child pornography) and trafficking of children for sexual purposes.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to stop the demand. If people did not demand children for sexual purposes, the trade wouldn’t be able to continue. Sweden is one of the industrialized countries that help to create a demand: Swedes consume abuse material and buy sex from children both in Sweden and abroad. For this reason, we focus on measures to counteract this demand, which is a very important complement to other actors that focus on direct action to assist children who are victims of the child sex trade.

Please contact us for more information at in english or turn to ECPAT International.


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